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Schneider Slider Edge XB Review

Welcome to my first ever pen review, and hopefully one of many!

A few weeks ago, I placed an order with Cult Pens (highly recommended by the way!) and they very kindly dropped a complimentary pen in with the order, which happened to be this Schneider Slider Edge XB.  I must be honest and say that I had never heard of Schneider before, but I was certainly intrigued by the unusual design.

The barrel is rather narrow, which will suit some, but not others, and has a wonderful grippy rubber surface.  Sometimes these rubbers can be lint and fluff magnets, especially since I have two cats, but I’m glad to report this pen does not suffer.  The most striking aspect of the design is the triangular shape to the barrel.  I found it to be very comfortable to write with for extended periods of time.  The cap can be posted, which is fine.  However, as the cap is relatively small, I find it can quite easily get lost under other items on the desk, and can be difficult to find.  A frivolous criticism, I know, but just thought I would mention it.

So, how does it write?  In summary very well indeed!  I initially thought that I wouldn’t like it because the XB version lays down a 1.4mm wide line.  However, in practice I found it to be on the whole quite manageable.  I would love to try out the fine tip version of this pen which is 0.7mm, as I feel this may be perfect for me.

The ink delivery is usually very nice, however it does suffer from some skipping, especially on smooth paper such as the Rhodia No16 Bloc I am using here.  On more textured paper such as a Calepino notebook, I did not notice this.  I have given a close up photo below of the skipping on the word ‘accident’ for you to see, but like I say, it is very dependent on the paper.  I love the deep rich blue of the ink, and it smells wonderful as you are writing.

I have probably babbled on for far too long, and you will have stopped reading by now, but please be gentle, as this is my first attempt at a pen review!

I would love some feedback if you could leave a comment, or get in touch via Twitter @postedpen.  You even may be so kind as to give me a retweet, for which I thank you!

I look forward to reading your comments!



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11 thoughts on “Schneider Slider Edge XB Review

  1. Awesome! I enjoyed your review and I had actually never seen this pen before! Interesting that it skips on smooth paper, although I guess that does make sense. Too slick, maybe. AND OMG! You commented on the smell of the ink!! That is my favorite thing ever! I love ink that smells like INK! I am going to have to get this pen now, just to smell the ink. (I’m in love with the Itoya Paper Skater ink…).

  2. Thanks a lot for the review Steve. I too got one of these from Cult Pens as a freebie wiith my order. Not wishing to sound ungrateful, but to my shame I have to admit to thinking that the last thing that I needed was another cheap ballpoint. I prefer fountain pens, (which I can’t imagine them sending me as a freebie any time soon with the size of my orders!), or gel pens.

    I was soon to be humbled when I wrote with this pen. How on earth did they manage to get it to write so smoothly? I was writing on some reasonably toothy 5×3″ index cards and the experience was superb.

    If I was Schneider I think that I would be putting this refill into much higher end pens, but perhaps all of their refills write like this? I don’t know as I have never used one before.

    So thanks once again to you for this posting, to Cult Pens for their generosity and bringing this maker to my attention, and lastly to Schneider for such a good product.

    If you are anything like me you will be hoping that one day Cult Pens make an error and slip something from Graf von Faber Castell into my order as a freebie!

  3. Hi Steve! Great review on the pen, you covered all angles, I’ve never heard of Schneider myself, but I’ll have to start keeping an eye out. 🙂

  4. Nice first review! I’m a fan of all kinds of pens, and I love a nice smooth ballpoint pen, especially a very broad tip ballpoint. I have a set of Schneider pens like this: and they are also super smooth. I think this particular model is the only one available from a US retailer but I have never seen them in a store.

  5. Schneider is a German company that has partnered with Stride in the United states. If you ever want to order stride/schneider pens go to (Although some are also available from Office Max and Office Depot)
    I have found them to be good. For those who want the background:

  6. i saw these (or ones similar) at my local office depot and decided against them because of how bold they write.. but maybe.. i’ll have to grab one to compare it with the jetstream gel inks.

  7. Hi y’all. Glad you like the Schneider Edge. First, let me say I am one of the guys that sells Schneider pens, but here’s a few comments that might fill in some gaps for several of you. Schneider is a German manufacturer of writing instruments that has been around a long time and Stride is fortunate to have the exclusive distribution rights in North America. The ink you all love is a special formulation called Viscoglide. The result of the formulation is an ink that flows smoothly like a gel pen but has the drying properties of a ball point so no smearing mess. Lefties love these pens. There is a whole series of Viscoglide pens…some of which are retractable. The XB designation stands for extra bold and yes it is 1.4mm. For those of you who seek a finer point, there is the Slider. Like Edge the Slider is a stick pen with a cap and it is available with fine and medium points as well as the XB point.

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